10 Overcome (With You) (Suspensful - Heroic - Triumphant)

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May the Lord get His will done here and in your life and may God bless you, richly, in Jesus' mighty name as you submit fully to Jesus!!!

Daniel is comfortable writing in most styles of music. Take a listen to what Daniel has done thus far to get an idea of how you want to work with him and subscribe to his channel to hear what God is going to be doing through this ministry in the future!

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11 Every Answer - (Upbeat - Dance - Triumpthant - Inspiring - Bright)

10 Overcome (With You) (Suspensful - Heroic - Triumphant)

09 Love Is In Truth Alone (Orchestral - Angelic - Joyful - Triumphant)

08 Ambassadors of Peace (Dance - Synth Feature)

07 The Mighty Strength of Joy (Orchestral - Intense - Harp - Strings - Piano Feature)

06 The Kindest King (Upbeat - Electronic Funk)

05 The Wait Of The Patient (Hard Rock - Guitar Feature)

04 Gentle Whisper (Experimental Electronic - Funky - Rock with Dance Shuffle Outro)

03 Faithfulness Prevails (Dance - Rock - 4-on-the-Floor Trance Hybrid)

02 Priceless Self-Control (Orchestral - Melancholy but Triumphant)

01 What Is Good (Funk - Rock - Progressive)

"Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account.
​-Philippians 4:17